Feelings are Always Valid (B/W & Color; Multiple Versions)

Pain and grief can make outsiders uncomfortable, and sometimes they may urge you to heal and be your positive self again. This is a reminder that you are always allowed to feel however you need to.

You are always always ALWAYS allowed to feel how you feel, with no obligation to cheer up, look on the bright side, or snap out of it. Your feelings are valid and so are you.

Child Loss and Grief Downloadable Graphics (Version 1):

One of the more important things I’ve learned is that if what you’re feeling is authentic, then it’s valid, no matter what. Feelings don’t have to follow rules; they just exist.

Feelings are always valid,
– Even when they aren’t rational
– Even when they are negative
– Even when other people wish you felt differently
Feelings are ALWAYS valid

Downloadable Graphics about Life & Authenticity (Version 2):

💙🐘💙 A visual collection of my thoughts as a bereaved parent 💙🐘💙
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