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Adrian James Hernandez is the planned and wanted child of single-mother-by-choice Miranda Hernandez. Adrian was stillborn at the end of a term pregnancy in 2017 due to complications resulting from undiagnosed preeclampsia.  Read Adrian’s Chronological Story.

Adrian’s Elephant exists to share the story of Adrian James and to share resources for bereaved families, expecting parents, and those who support them. 

Mission, Vision, & Values


Supporting Bereaved Families Across the Full Spectrum of Love & Grief

Adrian’s Elephant provides: a forum to share stories, practical resources for bereaved families and those who support them, and graphics/handouts to describe the bereaved experience and educate the community. 


A Place of Comfort for Bereaved Families and those who Support Them


Adrian’s Elephant seeks to be an open and welcoming forum for all bereaved families and those who support them.


Honor • CommunityAuthenticity


We honor all experiences, lives, and children. We work to build community amongst all bereaved individuals and those who support them. Above all, we are authentic—we use plain language, acknowledge death and grief, and honor and accept all aspects of the bereaved experience.

The Legal Stuff

Purpose & Intent

Adrian’s Elephant exists to share the story of Adrian and Miranda, and also to provide resources on stillbirth, grief, safe pregnancy, and parenting after loss.

Information contained in this website is intended for personal informational use only, and is not intended to serve as professional medical or legal advice.

Full Terms and Conditions, including our privacy policy, are listed here.


Unless otherwise specified, all written content contained on this website is Copyright © Elizabeth Miranda Hernandez, 2016-2023, Some Rights Reserved.

The Adrian’s Elephant logo is derived from custom artwork created by Giovanna DiZurita and is used with full permission. This logo is not in the public domain, and is not authorized for use in any other website or endeavor of any nature.

Paintings and digital images used for featured images for the following posts are custom artwork and used with full permission:

Other photographic and image content is credited where appropriate and used with permission where indicated. All remaining photographic content is copyright © Elizabeth Miranda Hernandez, 2016-2023, All Rights Reserved.

Sharing & Credit

You are encouraged to download and share memes and visual quotes on all social media platforms, with full credit/tagging as follows:

You may also share any posts or images via the social-media sharing buttons enabled on the site.

Please contact Miranda Hernandez to discuss sharing of information in any other formats.

Finances & Donations

Adrian’s Elephant is NOT a 501c3 organization, and does not actively solicit donations. However, this website and resource distribution is funded out of pocket by Miranda. If you feel moved to donate, Miranda is available on or on Venmo @emirandahernandez. All funds received will directly contribute to the Adrian’s Elephant mission of providing education about stillbirth, grief support, and stillbirth prevention.

You are also encouraged to donate to charities that support similar missions. Some of the charities we’ve donated to in Adrian’s name are listed here

Regardless of donations received, Adrian’s Elephant is and will always remain free to all users. 

About the Team

Elizabeth Miranda Hernandez is a writer and mother to Adrian and his younger sister, nicknamed “Peanut”. Miranda holds a degree in Literature and Writing from the University of California at San Diego, and has completed graduate work in statistical and data analysis. Miranda is grief positive, death positive, and an advocate for safe and informed pregnancy. She believes in mutual respect amongst all religious, spiritual, and cultural traditions, and is neutral on all other issues. Read Miranda’s Chronological Story.

Miranda’s blog and other writings have been featured in Scary MommyPregnancy After Loss Support MagazineLove What Matters, and Pursue Today. You can also find her on Quora and Medium.

You can contact Miranda at [email protected]

Bethany Gordon is married to her best friend Andrew and is a mother to Marlowe in heaven and her little sister Mabel here on earth. She is most passionate about God, family, traveling as much as possible, all things crafting, and hiking out in nature. She hopes one day to visit all of the national parks and all seven continents. She believes that everyone’s story is different and it is most important to love and respect one another.

Bethany is also the silent backbone of the Adrian’s Elephant website. She takes care of data entry, graphics, and post updates/edits, and also handles the Adrian’s Mother Pinterest account.

You can contact Bethany at [email protected].

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