Memorial Birthday Cards for Deceased Children

Because a deceased child's birthday is still a birthday

Deceased birthday remembrance card: Thinking of you on your child's Birthday And holding you both in my heart with love. - Sea Glass Parenting
Memorial birthday card:  On your daughter's Birthday—Although I never met her, please know your daughter made an impact on my world. And this year, on her birthday, I am thinking of you both with so much love. - Sea Glass Parenting
Baby loss birthday card: Before I ever carried the pain, I carried you. And in my heart, I carry you still - Rachel Whalen. Thinking of you with so much love on your birthday and all year round - Sea Glass Parenting
Birthday message for deceased child card: Happy Birthday, [Fill in name]. I love you - Sea Glass Parenting
Baby loss greeting card: Wishing you the happiest of birthdays in the stars. You are loved. You are missed. You are celebrated, today and always.  - Sea Glass Parenting
Memorial birthday wishes card: This year on your Birthday, I'll blow out your candles for you. And my wish will be a promise to love and remember you always. Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby boy - Sea Glass Parenting

The death of a child hurts long after the funeral is over. These cards help to express to your loved one that you remember their pain and honor their love, no matter how many years it’s been.

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