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Frequently Asked Questions About Therapists & Therapy After the Loss of a Child

In conjunction with two beautiful therapists, Mary from Sarah’s Heart and Diane from Diane Biggs Psychotherapy, this latest post is a compilation of frequently asked questions about therapists and therapy, specific to the child loss experience.

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Scripts for Bereaved Parents

When I was new in my grief, there were a number of situations where people said or did something and I wanted to respond, but I just didn’t have the words. Now that I am further out, I have put together a set of potential scripts to use in these situations.

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Artistic Businesses Supporting Bereaved Families

In addition to the Adrian’s Elephant Store on Spreadshirt, there are a number of other artistic businesses supporting bereaved families.

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Professional Charities & Organizations Supporting Bereaved Families

There are many professional organizations committed to pregnancy education, preventing pregnancy loss, and supporting families after loss. This is a list of more than 60.

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Blogs & Instagram Accounts about Child Loss & Grief

Reading other people’s experiences made me feel less alone after Adrian’s death. These are more than 70 blogs and Instagram accounts about child loss and grief, with descriptions.

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Facebook Groups for Bereaved Families

While I hope you will join Sea Glass Parenting on Facebook, I have also scoured Facebook for other groups related to child loss and grief.

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Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Therapist after the Loss of a Child

Few therapists specialize in child or grief, but I believe many general therapists can still be a great match. Here are some questions to help you interview.

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Planning a Funeral for Your Infant Child

Planning the funeral for a baby who died before, during, or shortly after birth is a difficult process. Not only because the death of any child is heartbreaking, but also because logistically, the typical funeral service isn’t geared towards honoring the briefest of lives. This post is a comprehensive list of choices and options in planning a funeral for your infant child.

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Sample Funeral Documents & Ideas for a Child’s Funeral

When I was planning Adrian’s Funeral, I found very few resources for planning the funeral of a child. As a companion to the post on “Planning a Funeral for Your Infant Child,” and in conjunction with other bereaved parents, I am providing sample funeral documents below.

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Ways to Honor Your Deceased Child

Bereaved parents honor their children in multiple ways. This list is a compilation of 30 potential options to honor your child, with more than 100 examples provided by fellow bereaved parents.

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Child Loss Retreats

If you have the resources, attending a retreat for parents, couples, or families who have lost children may be a valuable way to devote time and space to your child and your grief.

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