116 – Sat, Jun 30, 2018, some time in the morning

Hollyhock in California (Miranda Hernandez)
Hollyhock in California (Miranda Hernandez)

I didn’t wake up this morning to change your diaper or feed you breakfast. I didn’t lift you out of bed or rub the sleep from tired eyes. I didn’t make an album of cute things you’ve done these past 12 months. These are memories I never got to make with you.

But 12 months ago, I was in labor. 12 months ago, you were preparing to be born. And this moment will always live in my memories. This moment is when I became your mom. And I feel like that is worth celebrating.

I don’t have memories of your first steps or words. I don’t have photos of you learning how to eat. I don’t have you here physically, won’t have moments with a smash cake. But I do have this.

This is your legacy. This will ensure you will never be forgotten.

Happy birthday to my beautiful boy. I love you.

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