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Friends of Adrian

Guest Posts from Fellow Bereaved Parents

One of the women in my first support group has a theory–she believes that when we meet and connect here on Earth, our children meet and become friends in Heaven. I don’t know for certain what I believe about death or the afterlife, but I like the idea of Adrian having friends.⁠

This page is a compilation of guest posts from other loss parents in my world. If you are interested in contributing, please contact me.

Miranda Hernandez, Adrian’s Mother


Guest Posts

Mother Lotta, Father, and baby Louna in the hospital after birth. Father is holding Louna is his arms, while Lotta sits next to him on the hospital bed. (photo contributed by Lotta)

Louna’s Story

Toy bunny sitting in baby safety seat (Pixelshot)

Take Home Baby

Image of Vivian's mascara left on a tissue

Edward Alexander’s Story

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