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I did not have "a stillborn". I had a stillborn CHILD; a human being. -Miranda Hernandez, Adrian's Mother

“Stillbirth,” “Stillborn,” & Other Definitions (Quora)

There has been some confusion over the terms “stillbirth,” “stillborn,” and other terms like “intrauterine fetal demise.” This post explains the differences.

Close-up on weathered gray sundial in the Hatley Castle Gardens, Victoria, British Columbia (Miranda Hernandez)

Going Overdue in Pregnancy; a Case Study

Going overdue in pregnancy is common, but few are aware of the risks. I refused a recommended term induction when I was pregnant with my son, and he died.

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8 Factors to Consider Before You Go Overdue in Pregnancy

The choice to be induced at the end of pregnancy or to use expectant management and wait for labor to start on its own is a complicated one. These are eight factors that should be considered in order to make an informed decision.

Pregnancy concept with woman and fetus isolated in 3D (Janulla, Getty Images)

Evidence-Based Best Practices for Safest Pregnancy

A collection of five recommendations for safest pregnancy from the top organizations in prenatal care and stillbirth prevention: ACOG, CDC, Star Legacy Foundation, Stillbirth CRE, and more.

"Pregnant woman with nurse"; close-up of pregnant woman's stomach and nurse with hand on pregnant woman's shoulder (Science Photo Library)

Requests of a Bereaved Mother for All Prenatal Providers

After my son died at the end of a term pregnancy in 2017, I created this list of things I would like to see done differently in prenatal care, both before & after loss. These are things that would have made a difference in my pregnancy. These things might have kept my son alive.

Orangish sunset over North Lake Tahoe, with mountains and trees in the background (Miranda Hernandez)

Stillbirth & Statistics: What Does it Mean to be “Rare”?

When we talk about things like stillbirth, some are quick to say it’s not concern because it is relatively “rare.” But likelihood does not change impact.

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