Sea Glass Parenting

A community for bereaved parents after the death of a child

The story of Sea Glass Parenting

Sea glass is formed when bottles shatter, spilling sharp edges into the waves. Tumbled by water and friction and time, some shards become smooth while some retain their sharp edges. Some will come to rest in familiar places, and some will wash up on foreign shores. Some will retain much of their original form, and some will be transformed entirely. 

All of them are beautiful, exactly as they are.

Like sea glass, we have been broken and tumbled by time. Although our experiences differ, we are united in our love for our children and in our unique expressions of grief. We are broken and mended; smooth and sharp. We are grieving and we are love. We are Sea Glass Parents.

Close up image of blue and green sea glass sitting on pebbly sand at sunset (Miranda Hernandez)
Sea Glass Parenting logo: dark green text reads, "Sea Glass Parenting" in front of a messy blue-green circle

Sea Glass Parenting is a different type of grief support. We meet you wherever you are in your grief, and we acknowledge and honor your experience.

We are grief-positive and death-positive. We use words like, “dead,” “death,” and “deceased.” We support without platitudes; without comparisons, bright-siding, or “should’s”; and with absolutely NO unsolicited advice.

Parenting is hard. Parenting a child after their death is unimaginable…until you’re doing it. We are your companions on whatever journey you choose.

Supporting Bereaved Parents across the full spectrum of love and grief

What we offer Bereaved Parents & Families

Supportive Community

Our private Facebook group is a safe & supportive forum to connect with bereaved parents of all experiences and beliefs, and NO unsolicited advice.

FREE Resources

A detailed & up-to-date collection of information and how-to guides to assist families living after loss. New guides added frequently; listings updated annually.

FREE Greeting Cards

Free printable greeting cards to support bereaved families. Send cards to fellow bereaved parents and share links with support people.

Shareable Graphics

Our shareable graphics offer a wide variety of ways to express the broken AND the beautiful in life after loss. Most graphics are customizable.

Instagram Page

Our Instagram account shares our latest graphics, asks questions, and provides bite-sized summaries of our resources.

Sea Glass Writing

Through a formal 26-day course, free informal prompts, and a supportive private Facebook community, Sea Glass Writing nurtures all levels of writers through exploring the love and grief surrounding the experience of loss and life after loss.

Questions & Contact

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