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Resources for Prenatal Providers

Resources for Prenatal Providers

Collected & Curated by a Bereaved Mother

A Message to all Prenatal Providers—

One of the things that hurt most about my son’s death was how none of my providers (and none of the books!) discussed the risks with me during my pregnancy. So if you are here, reading this page, I thank you. You are taking the first of several important steps in changing a culture of silence around this dangerous subject.

If I could change one thing about prenatal care today, it would be truly informed consent, meaning open discussion about the benefits and risks of all types of care, and all choices in pregnancy. If my providers had had these discussion with me, my son would be alive today.

I also encourage you to visit our new sister site, Plain Talk Pregnancy, dedicated to providing plain talk on all aspects of informed decision-making in pregnancy.

Thank you for being here,
Miranda Hernandez, Adrian’s Mother

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