Bay of Islands, New Zealand (Miranda Hernandez)
Bay of Islands, New Zealand (Miranda Hernandez)

Businesses Serving the Baby Loss & Bereaved Community

One of the ways in which bereaved parents and families may honor their grief following miscarriage, stillbirth, infant loss, or other forms of child loss is by creating art or other items to support the baby loss community. The 99 options listed here are either created by bereaved parents, donate a portion of profits to support bereaved families, or offer a unique service to families following child loss and grief.

Have a suggestion for this list or need to update your listing? Please email [email protected]. This post was last updated on 2 October 2021.

Handprint, Footprint, & Ultrasound Art honoring Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Loss

A Beautiful Remembrance
Facebook | Instagram
Chris and Michele have experienced multiple miscarriages. They sell art created from family trees, footprints, ultrasounds, and soundwaves, as well as wreaths and scripture.

Cotton Stories
Custom sonogram artwork.

The Crocker Collection
Facebook | Instagram
Beautiful ultrasound artwork, created by a fellow bereaved mom.

Resin & Pyrography gifts and Keepsakes
A fellow loss parent who creates resin gifts and keepsakes. Items can incorporate small tokens like ashes or hair or other small items.

This Dad Made That
Facebook | Instagram
Cremation and memorial jewelry and resin art, created by a bereaved father.

Treasure Box
Facebook | Instagram
2D and 3D life castings and silver jewelry. The fingerprint jewelry is beautiful.

Digital and Physical Art honoring Families touched by Child Loss

Avery’s Garden Inc.
Facebook | Instagram
Avery’s Garden is a registered 501(c)3 charity, providing custom artwork to bereaved families. They sell coloring books and other items created with this artwork to support the eventual creation of a treehouse sanctuary for bereaved families to visit.

Baby Isla Rocks
Facebook | Instagram
Angel Rocks shipped to families in the UK or placed in the UK. Profits donated to Baby Loss charities.

Bean Illys
Custom digital illustrations

Born with Angel Wings
A variety of cards for the child loss experience.

Broken Art Mosaics
Beautiful angel wing mosaic keepsakes for bereaved parents. (UK only)

Carly Marie
Carly Marie offers sand, crystal, and flower art set on the beach at sunset. Her images are also available as prints, and printed onto various fabric materials.

Darla Dixon – Fine Art Portraits Drawn from Photos
Memorial portraits and resources after loss.

Dear Millie
Facebook | Instagram
Bryan and Moriah Clifton’s daughter Millie Grace was stillborn at 20 weeks in 2018. Dear Millie is a blog about stillbirth and life and after loss. The site also sells cards and shirts.

Eden Woodcrafts Shop
Facebook | Instagram
Custom 3D signs recreating family portraits, loved one’s handwriting, children’s art, and more.

Emi and Company
Self care and baby loss greeting cards created by a fellow bereaved mother.

Emily House Heaven
Etsy | Facebook | Instagram
Beautiful angel wing keepsakes and other gifts created in honor of Emily, stillborn in 2011. Portion of proceeds donated to SANDS.

Emphathine Gifts
Personalized miscarriage keepsakes and baby loss memorial items for bereaved parents.

Flutterby Box
Facebook | Instagram
Beautiful custom carved boxes, designed to be burned to send a message to your loved one.

Harmony Design Shop
Facebook | Instagram
Custom family portraits and other artwork. Beautiful memorial prints with Jesus and/or angel wings.

Kierra Butcher (Kierra B Art)
Etsy | Facebook | Instagram
Kierra is a photographer, artist, and speaker on miscarriage awareness and support. She hosts guest post stories on her blog, and sells custom portraits, jewelry, clothing, and other mementos on her site.

Little Cornish Creative Co
Beautiful and customizable prints, candles, mugs, and other items, based in Cornwall, UK.

Little Dove Designs
Etsy | Facebook | Instagram
Freehand machine embroidery on gifts such as mobiles and hanging designs.

Lorraine’s Letters
Facebook | Instagram
Scrapbook style decorated wooden letters created by a fellow bereaved mom.

Love From Heidi Louise (formerly HLS Digital Designs)
Facebook | Instagram
Wide variety of handmade Heavenly cards and bespoke prints.

LS Magical Creations
Decals and tumblers created by a fellow bereaved mom.

Lyons Legacy Designs
Facebook | Instagram
Healing art portraits for loss family of all kinds.

Made out of Stardust
Stickers, decals, and magnets created by a fellow loss mom. She also offers faceless portraits.

Maddie and Rossi
Facebook | Instagram
Franky’s son Rossi was stillborn in 2016, and his sister was born prematurely the following year. Franky has been published in Still Standing Magazine and Love What Matters, among others. Franky sells art prints, cards, custom portraits and more through her Etsy store, and donates a portion of all proceeds to the Global Alliance to Prevent Prematurity and Stillbirth.

Made at Fernlea
Facebook | Instagram
Beautiful art featuring family trees, names, initials, and other symbols.

Mamies Poppy Plates
Facebook | Instagram
Providing keepsake plates to families that experience stillbirth or the loss of a child.

Megan Stringfellow (Stringfellow Art)
Etsy | Facebook | Instagram
Megan is an artist and parent who has experienced several miscarriages. Her experience with loss informs her art, which she sells on Etsy.

The Midnight Orange
Facebook | Instagram
Handmade memorial and family keepsakes by Dana Pecoraro.

My Missing Peace
Facebook | Instagram
Heartfelt, handmade pregnancy loss, breastmilk, and DNA products for those that have been through a miscarriage or early loss.

My Missing Piece
Jennifer is a bereaved mother and has also experienced the loss of her own mother. She creates custom candles, prints, and other items, and donates a portion of her profits to various charitable organizations.
[Disclosure: My Missing Piece gifted me with a beautiful candle and notebook. That gift had no bearing on their listing here.]

The Noble Paperie
Greeting cards + paper products dedicated to supporting those struggling through miscarriage, loss, infertility, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) stays, and complicated pregnancies.

Portraits by Dana
Facebook | Instagram
Gently hand-drawn portraits for the infant loss community

Priceless Images
Luigi Quintos offers free black and white drawings of children who have died. Due to volume of requests, there may be a wait list. Donations are accepted, but not required

The Remember Shop
Facebook | Instagram
Custom glowing remembrance orbs in honor of our departed loved ones.

Sage and Sara
Facebook | Instagram
A small candle shop dedicated to honoring babies gone too soon. Each purchase gives back to grieving families + nonprofits. (Canada)

Studio One Four Two
Offers digital Illustrations, hand lettering, and stickers. The heart illustrations are particularly beautiful.

Tiny Tubie Shop
Facebook | Instagram
Sells non-slip NoraBand feeding tube belt and cute tubie supply pouches.

To Logan With Love
Facebook | Instagram
Cards for Pregnancy & Infant Loss.

White Wings Design Shop
Handcrafted gifts remembering loved & lost babies.

Stuffed Animals and other Keepsakes in Honor and Remembrance of Deceased Children

Cami Bear
Facebook | Instagram
Cami Bear provides custom comfort bears and cremation urn bears. Cami Bear is based in Australia, but can ship worldwide.

The Comfort Cub
Facebook | Instagram
A charitable, non-profit 501(c)3 organization that provides weighted therapeutic bears to anyone experiencing a broken heart as a result of child loss or other significant loss or trauma.

Inspired by Isla
Personalized weighted bears.

Lil’ Angel Tribe
This Ontario-based business sells a variety of weighted stuffed animals to provide comfort after loss or for anyone struggling with anxiety or other disorders.

Molly Bears
Molly Bears exists to create a positive and comforting impact with custom weighted teddy bears for families enduring any form of infant loss.

My Tangible Peace
One-of-a-Kind, hand sculpted, newborn Art dolls. Available in multiple sizes and gestations.

Jewelry in Honor and Remembrance of Deceased Children

Calista Faye
Ornaments, bookmarks, jewelry, keychains, and other tokens, created by a fellow bereaved parent.

The Cooper Project
Jen started the Cooper Project after the loss of her son Cooper in 2016. Jen sells jewelry in her Etsy shop in order to fund the donation of necklaces to bereaved parents. She also blogs, shares other families’ stories, and is the founder of the Pink and Blue Awareness project.

Forever Sleeping Keepsakes
Remembrance keepsakes, gifts, and jewelry, made for parents of forever sleeping babies.

Held Your Whole Life
A non-profit 501(c)3 organization that exists to create personalized memorial jewelry for moms and dads who have lost a baby in the womb.

Hope Again Collective
Founded by a fellow bereaved mom, Hope Again sells handmade earrings and cards. Each pair of earrings tells the story of a loss family, and a portion of proceeds supports loss parents.

I am Mother to an Angel
Kerin Lee is a bereaved mother who has experienced the loss of multiple pregnancies. She sells custom jewelry, clothing, and other keepsakes to support provision of resources to bereaved families.

The Little Leo Gift Co.
Personalised hand-stamped jewelry designed to keep your loved ones close, in memory of Leo Haughton & Baby Bear Haughton.

Memories of an Angel
Increasing pregnancy and infant loss awareness through bracelets, jewelry, and other keepsakes. (Australia)

Moment in Time Jewellery
Personalized jewelry and other tokens using hand or footprints.

My Forever Child
Susan Mosquera sells beautiful jewelry and keepsakes in honor of her father, grandfather and her stillborn son.

Custom jewelry, clothing, and meaningful gifts.

Clothing and Accessories honoring Bereaved Families

Adalynn’s Attic
Founded in honor of Adalynn Peyton Bellard, Adalynn’s Attic sells infant and toddler clothing and accessories, and donates a portion of proceeds to charities supporting bereaved families.

Adrian’s Elephant Store
The Adrian’s Elephant store sells t-shirts and other accessories with two main themes: An elephant never forgets, and Sea Glass Parenting.

Fly Avi Fly
Angela Christina offers accessories and womens’ & childrens’ clothing in her shop in honor of her daughter, Avianna Elizabeth. Portions of proceeds are donated to infant loss organizations.

Faith + Farm Co. Boutique
Clothing, stickers, oils, and ornaments.

Give Good Grief
Sympathy + Wellness gifts; gift boxes delivered to loved ones who are grieving, sick, struggling to get by, or just because.

Houzz of Hope
Loss parent care packages and support.

The Little Angel Mama Collection
Clothing for angel mamas & family.

Little Harry and Co. (Love From Harry)
Stuffed animals and apparel sold in honor of Harry Bryan Anthony Smith.

Lucy Sunshine
100% of our profits from these unique shirts go to support bereaved families in honor of Lucy, who passed away in her sleep at 14 months in 2020.

Tiny Peanut
Allana’s son Jack was born at 26 weeks in 2018, and died 19 days after birth. Allana blogs about life after loss, and also sells t-shirts and other garments for bereaved families and families parenting after loss.

Baby-Loss & Grief-Related Coaching & Services

The following organizations provide paid services related to supporting parents and families after loss.

Please note: The listings here are provided purely for informational purposes, and Miranda Hernandez and Adrian’s Elephant offer no endorsement or personal recommendation for any of these services. Please vet each service and understand your financial obligations before choosing to work with them.

The Baby Loss Project
Social worker Ann-Maree Imree is a social worker and author of “You Could Have Been,” written in memory of her stillborn son Xavier. In the Baby Loss Project, she provides training on how employers should handle child loss in the workplace. She also offers short educational videos.

Build a Life after Loss
Julie offers “hope-filled grief and life coaching to create a life you love,” as well as a podcast.

Empowered through Grief
Gentle and compassionate support for all types of grief. Offers paid workshops and one-on-one support, as well as a blog.

Farewell Partners
Farewell Partners offers paid planning services for funerals, celebrations of life, and online events. They offer services in multiple cities throughout the United States.

Follow Lantern
End-of-life planning and resources. Lantern offers free online resources as well as paid services. They also have an online store of books and sympathy gifts.

The Glimmer Project`
Ashleigh Smith is a medical doctor who created a 3-week program for bereaved mothers. She also hosts the Glimmer Podcast, on how to manage grief after pregnancy loss or infant loss.

Grief Coach
Offers personalized text-based grief support, including messages and resources based on your specific circumstances.

Going with Grace
Professional end of life support team, working with people to create end of life plans, and offer end of life doula training. Some scholarships available.

Grieving Dads
Kelly Farley is a bereaved father, speaker, and coach. He offers grief coaching, workshops, and a place to share your story.

The Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death
Amy Wright Glenn is an author and offers training in Birth, Breath, and Death. Scholarships available.

Inviting Abundance
Inviting Abundance offers classes and workshops in a wide range of subjects to support grieving people. They also offer online or in-person Reiki, as well as a podcast and blog.

Missconception Coach
Psychiatric Nursing and Trauma & Loss Specialist offering support for infertility trauma and grief.

Our Little Sparrows
Geoff and Toni Brabec have experienced two miscarriages and the loss of their daughter Olivia after her birth. They offer services under the Grief Recovery Method. They also offer a blog and a list of resources.

Reimagining Grief
Lisa Keefauver is a widow and a social worker. She offers individual support, empathy cards, and corporate education on grief. She is also a public speaker and hosts a grief podcast.

Rite of Passage Funerals
Australian-based funeral planning service. They also offer an online store with urns and memorial jewelry.

Sharing Solace
Sharing Solace is an organization to connect grievers around the world. Centered around a special token, designed to be worn and then passed on to other grievers, anyone who has possessed a token can join and share in a private member forum.

Spirit Vessel
Spirit Vessel offers funeral planning services and sells ceremonial cremation urns.

Sunset Concierge
Offers funeral planning, end of life planning, and will planning.

Tanatologia Holistica
Grief and loss counselor, providing one on one support online.

The TFMR Doula
Information and support for families experiencing the termination of a wanted pregnancy.

The Worst Girl Gang Ever
The Worst Girl Gang Ever is a support platform and podcast for miscarriage and baby loss. They offer a free podcast and two paid courses to guide one through baby loss grief. They also offer an online store.

General Businesses Providing Items in Support of Bereaved Parents and Families

Caring Cradle
Caring Cradles are portable cooling bassinets that allow parents to spend more time with their deceased children.

Cuddle Cot
Flexmort designs and manufactures mobile mortuary cooling systems and accessories. Cuddle Cots are used in hospitals and funeral homes to allow parents to spend more time with their deceased children.

Engrave Ink
Engrave Ink does not support bereaved parents specifically; however, as far as I am aware, they are the only professional service providing tattoo ink mixed with cremation ashes. I used Engrave Ink for my tattoo, and I recommend it.

Grief Diaries
Lynda Cheldelin Fell created Grief Diaries as a forum for the bereaved to share stories of their loss. Grief Diaries sells books and shares blog posts from contributing loved ones.

Personalised Loss Books
Create a personalized or general book all about the loss of a loved one.

The Resources Blog exists to share FREE resources I didn’t have available to me after Adrian’s Death.
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