A Message to Bereaved ParentsBecause you are Parents

Life after loss is hard. For the longest time after my son’s death, it didn’t even feel real. Some nights, I would lie awake, sleepless, staring at the ceiling or the shadows on the wall. Some nights, I would wake from sleep and google: “Going back to work after stillbirth” or even, “How does the world make sense anymore?”

It’s been three years now since Adrian died. Three years since I gave birth to him, sleeping. And I still don’t know that I have any answers. I honestly don’t think some things have answers, and definitely not pat solutions.

There have been some useful pieces. There have been good people and good organizations. And sometimes, when I feel inspired, I write things too. This page exists as a compilation of the different resources I have found or created on my journey–things that have been useful or comforting; things I now offer, without obligation, to you.

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Loss is individual. Grief is unique. Please take what you find useful here, and discard all the rest.

I’m so sorry you’re here.



The Early Days of Loss & Grief

Things to Read

Things to Ask your Support Team to Read

Resources for the Early Days

General Pieces on Loss & Grief

Planned Articles:

Your First Year after Loss (coming soon)
Finding a Therapist (coming soon)
Journal prompts (coming soon)

Collections of Posts on Special Topics:

General Resources for Bereaved Parents:

Facebook and other Virtual Support Groups (coming soon)
Blogs about Child Loss (coming soon)
Charities Providing Bereavement Support (coming soon)
Charities Providing Financial Assistance following the death of a child (coming soon)

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