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Vlogs & Podcasts about Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Infant Loss, Death, & Grief

When grief makes it hard to read, watching a video or listening to a podcast is another way to find community and support. These 44 vlogs and podcasts are good resources for those experiencing different forms of child loss and grief.

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Vlogs & Podcasts about Child Loss, including Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Loss

Cradled in Hope Podcast
A faith-based podcast for women who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss featuring hope-filled messages, stories, and guest interviews. 

Discussion of Birth
A community group discussing births of all types through video interviews. Several videos feature loss parent stories.

FAB Fertility podcast
“The mission of this podcast is to bring inspiration, facts, tips, education, support and most importantly a VOICE to all things fertility so that those listening feel empowered and proud to take control of their journey.”

I am a Griefist; a Childhood Cancer Grief Journey Podcast
Finding hope after losing a child to childhood cancer. This podcast showcases the reality of childhood cancer and the subsequent grief journey.

Love and Loss Podcast
A podcast with interviews from parents, siblings, and medical professionals involved in pregnancy or infant loss.

The Morning podcast
A faith-based podcast for women who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss.

Pregnantish podcast
“Pregnantish is a place for those that had unconventional paths to parenthood to tell their stories. Each episode, we’ll hear from fertility experts and real people on their own nontraditional journey to being a parent.”

Sisters in Loss Podcast
Sisters in Loss is a Maternal Child Health Education company dedicated to Replacing Silence with Storytelling around Pregnancy and Infant loss and Infertility of Black women.

Time to Talk TFMR
A podcast helping you to own your termination for medical reasons (TFMR) experience.

The Worst Girl Gang Ever
“Interviews with those who have gone through a miscarriage, specialists and other interesting folk!”

Vlogs & Podcasts about Death Positivity & Grief

Ask a Mortician
A YouTube series of Q&A answered by a mortician.

Bereavement Room Podcast
“Life. Death. Grief. Identity. There’s a lot to say.”

Build a Life after Loss podcast
“Uplifting steps for healing and life.”

Coming Back: Conversations on Life after Loss
“What does life look like after the funeral? After the divorce is final? After the diagnosis?’

Curve Ball Media
Beth Armstrong hosts this podcast, interviewing bereaved parents and other people who have experience drastic midlife changes and tragedy.

Dead Parent Club Podcast
“Weekly podcasts to support young adults grieving their parent/s.” Hosted by Kathryn Hooker.

Deathbed Disks
“Intimate conversations about death, grief, but most of all: life. Join us as we uncover some of the best tunes and talk about topics ranging from the deepest parts of our soul, to the funniest of things. Death doesn’t have to be shrouded in silence. Death can, and should be celebrated in so many ways. Whether you’ve recently lost someone, feel curious about grief, or are just excited to listen to interesting people, this is the podcast for you.” Hosted by Jade De Robles Rossdale.

The Death Dialogues Project
Hosted by Becky Aud-Jennison, The Death Dialogues Project Podcast began in November 2018 with an aim to see if people are interested in conversations surrounding death. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

The Death Of My…
“A space to talk about death and grief.”

Death in the Afternoon, by The Order of the Good Death
A podcast “to educate our audience about death in a unique, relatable, and entertaining way; to further open up conversations about death in a death phobic culture.”

From Grief To Grind Podcast
“From Grief to Grind Podcast is brought to you by Andrea A. Moore, an Intuitive Grief Coach and Certified Bereavement Facilitator. Andrea hosts hard and honest conversations about sibling loss and losing a loved one as an entrepreneur. From how messy grief is to how many have shifted while mourning.”

Good Mourning Podcast
“We shine a light on what grief is really like, sharing honest conversations with a sprinkle of humour. We cover taboo topics in a raw, real and relatable way, while also interviewing incredibly interesting guests about how loss has shaped their lives.”

The Grief and Loss Show
Interviews with “leading experts on a wide range of topics related to grief so that navigating grief is that bit easier.”

The Grief Bully Podcast
Grow together in our grief, mental health and overall personal wellness.

The Grief Cast
“People talking about death…a podcast.” Hosted by Cariad Lloyd.

Grief Encounters
“A Podcast About Love, Life & Loss.”

The Grief Gang Podcast
“The podcast normalising grief.” Hosted by Amber Jeffrey.

Grief, Gratitude & the Gray in Between Podcast
This podcast is about exploring the grief that occurs at different times in our lives in which we have had major changes and transitions, that literally shake us to the core and make us experience grief.

Grief is a Sneaky Bitch Podcast
From CEO’s and social workers to authors, educators, filmmakers and stay-at-home moms, her guests open up about the complexity, confusion, and even confidence they have gained by navigating a grief journey of their own.

Grief Out Loud
Remember the last time you tried to talk about grief and suddenly everyone left the room? Grief Out Loud is opening up this often avoided conversation because grief is hard enough without having to go through it alone. Created by the Dougy Center.

Grief Unfiltered
“A podcast about grief and how the fuck to handle it.”

Grieve Me Alone
“Radically honest thoughts, feelings, stories, and journeys of grief. Hosted by Chantal King, creator of Grieve Me Alone.”

The HUG Podcast Network
The HUG Podcast Network is comprised of a series of podcasts including Heart to Heart with Anna: A Podcast for the Congenital Heart Defect Community and Heart to Heart with Michael: A Podcast for the Bereaved Community.

The Human Occurrence podcast
“All things life, death and loss with the intention of bringing more awareness around the conversation of death while keeping it light hearted and fun along the way.”

The Mourning Dove Podcast
“A podcast focused on normalizing grief and increasing empathy as we share stories of love and loss.”

My Condolences Podcast
“Join podcast host, Laura Harman, as she interviews guests about the hilarious and harrowing stories of life after death.”

Sorry For Your Loss Podcast
“We’ve all been in a conversation where we don’t know what to say after a friend experiences loss. In this podcast, host Ellen Schwartze interviews friends about their grief. Hopefully these conversations serve as examples so you can have better conversations when a friend needs your support: to listen better, ask more questions, or simply hold space for silence.”

Spoken Grief
“Why don’t we openly discuss grief if ultimately everyone will experience it? Spoken Grief is here to unapologetically talk about grief.”

Terrible, Thanks for Asking
A podcast that honestly answers the question, “How are you?” Hosted by Nora McInerny.

Thinking Out Loud
“A bi-weekly podcast on grief & mental health.” Hosted by Jermaine and Benjamin.

“To Grieve” hosted by Inviting Abundance
“Thoughtful meditations on our world and conversations about the intersections between living, grieving, healing, art, and perseverance.”

What’s Your Grief Podcast
Grief Support For Those Who Like to Listen: What’s Your Grief Podcast with Eleanor Haley and Litsa Williams.

When Someone Great Is Gone
“A podcast about the relationship between grief and creativity, and how we express ourselves when we lose someone we love. Shown through the first-hand experiences of host Izzy Lee-Poulton and her guests.”

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