095 – Fri, Apr 13, 2018, 10:23 PM

Shore of Lake Michigan, Chicago (Miranda Hernandez)
Shore of Lake Michigan, Chicago (Miranda Hernandez)

I never thought I was the person who counted, the one making marks on tally forms. I never imagined red x’s on a calendar, and a day that both destroyed and created me.

Alles geht, it all goes. I’m walking in circles, I’m climbing a mountain. I look for you in empty places. These photographs don’t materialize.

The world is dark and very deep. The sun shines, and I’m drowning. I live in a box. I live inside nowhere.

There is never enough time.


You’re part of me forever now. You live inside my blood. I wish there were a stronger word than love.

I love you.


Miranda's tattoo (photo used with permission)
Miranda’s tattoo (photo used with permission)


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