Sea lions on the California coast (Miranda Hernandez)
Sea lions on the California coast (Miranda Hernandez)

Child Loss Retreats


If you have the resources, attending a retreat for parents, couples, or families who have lost children may be a valuable way to devote time and space to your child and your grief. Some advertised retreats are listed below. It is also worth checking with local support groups and/or social workers for news about retreats in your local area.

Bridget’s Cradles Hope Gatherings – monthly faith-based gatherings for bereaved mothers (Kechi, Kansas)

Dinner Party – not a retreat, but a worldwide project to connect grievers of all types to share meals and connect

Faith’s Lodge – year-round weekend retreats for parents or families on a rotating schedule (Danbury, Wisconsin)

Hayden’s House – periodic retreats for mothers, fathers, or couples on a rotating schedule (Columbia, New Jersey)

Mama Bears Retreat – annual mothers retreat; inaugural retreat delayed due to Covid (Manitoba, Canada)

Meadowlark Retreats – periodic retreats for mothers or fathers on a rotating schedule (Sebastopol, California)

A Memory Grows – periodic retreats for parents who have lost a child (Granbury, Texas)

Nancy Guthrie; Respite – periodic faith-based marriage retreat for couples who have lost a child (Tennessee, Texas, Alabama)

Return to Zero – periodic mothers’ retreats in several locations worldwide

While We’re Waiting – periodic faith-based retreats for bereaved parents (Arkansas, Oregon, Maryland, Alabama, Nevada, Arizona, Illinois, Minnesota, Tennessee)

Do you know of a child loss retreat not mentioned here? Please contact me or comment below.

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