Humor - Adrian's things in Miranda's new home
Adrian’s things in Miranda’s new home (Miranda Hernandez)

Humor.. I got lost on the Instagram Explore Page the other day, laughing so hysterically at ridiculous memes that my roommate’s dog started pawing at me. I think she thought I was crying.

I still feel disloyal sometimes, when I let myself laugh. I still feel, sometimes, like I’ve gone off script. As if there could *be* a script, an idealized way of dealing with loss…

I’m learning to let that go. I’m learning to find pleasure AND sadness AND humor in my days.

Humor - Screenshot from Cards Against Humanity survey
Screenshot from Cards Against Humanity survey

Count me in the 43%. And if you’re honest, count yourself too.

I am probably the slowest unpacker in the world, but my house felt a little more complete yesterday. Adrian James Hernandez, welcome to your new home.

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