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Blogs & Instagram Accounts about Child Loss & Grief

Reading other people’s experiences made me feel less alone after Adrian’s death. Blogging is also a common way to process grief. The 92 blogs listed here all have at least five blog posts, with at least one written in the past year (reviewed annually in September). The Instagram accounts all have at least 2000 followers or a unique perspective on child loss or grief.

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Blogs & Instagram Accounts about Miscarriage and Stillbirth

Abigail Waldron
Abigail experienced the loss of two children to stillbirth. She writes about infertility, miscarriage, and stillbirth, as well as faith and parenting. She has been featured in Still Standing Magazine, among others, and is the author of “Far as the Curse is Found; Searching for God in Infertility, Miscarriage, and Stillbirth”.

Adrian’s Elephant
Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | Etsy
Miranda Hernandez’s son Adrian was stillborn in 2017. She writes today about stillbirth and normalization of grief. She has also been published in Scary Mommy, Love What Matters, and Pregnancy after Loss Support magazine.

After Chloe
Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest
Melo Garcia’s daughter Chloe died in 2011. She also lost her father in 2010, and her mother shortly after Chloe’s death. Melo blogs about life after loss, and also offers grief support through 1 on 1 coaching.

After Evalyn; Life after Loss
Instagram | Facebook
Lyndsey’s daughter Evalyn was stillborn in 2016. She blogs today and shares beautiful graphics on Instagram.

Allie Felker
Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest
Allie’s son Henry was stillborn at 31w6d. Today, she is a speaker, blogger, and vlogger about stillbirth and life after loss.

Angel Nicolee Brady
Instagram | Facebook
Angel is a powerful speaker on stillbirth and life after loss. She writes a blog, is active on social media, and works as a birth and bereavement doula. She also runs an annual loss parent retreat.

Blue Sky & Lullaby
Till Heike’s daughter Claudia was stillborn in 2014. Till blogs about stillbirth, and is also a regular contributor to Still Aware, in addition to multiple other online magazines and newspapers.

Brianna Scoggins
Instagram | Facebook
Brianna’s son Gavin was stillborn at 36 weeks in 2020. Brianna blogs about life and parenting after loss.

Bridget’s Cradles
Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest
Matt and Ashley Opliger founded Bridget’s Cradles after their daughter Bridget was stillborn at 24w5d on October 22, 2014. They provide hospitals with knitted and crocheted cradles to hold babies who were born into Heaven during the second trimester of pregnancy. They also lead a local support ministry and provide hope-filled resources online.

Brunching with Grief
Instagram | Facebook
Hannah lost her daughter Senna to stillbirth at term in 2016. She blogs today about child loss, grief, and the importance of mental health.

Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest
Tayla’s son Chayce was stillborn in 2020. She blogs about baby loss and life after loss, and offers a place for guest posts.

Capricious Fitness
Instagram | Facebook
Sky Edwards is a bereaved mother and advocate for mental health, fitness, and body positivity.

The Cooper Project
Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | Etsy
Jen started the Cooper Project after the loss of her son Cooper in 2016. Jen sells jewelry in her Etsy shop in order to fund the donation of necklaces to bereaved parents. She also blogs, shares other families’ stories, and is the founder of the Pink and Blue Awareness Project.

Dear Millie
Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | Etsy
Bryan and Moriah Clifton’s daughter Millie Grace was stillborn at 20 weeks in 2018. Dear Millie is a blog about stillbirth and life and after loss. The site also sells cards and shirts.

Doggie Bags Not Diaper Bags
Amy’s son Asher was stillborn at 32 weeks. Amy blogs about stillbirth, infertility, parenting after loss, and her adorable fur-baby. She is also the co-founder of The Lucky Anchor Project and has been featured in Still Standing Magazine, Sharing Magazine, and Scary Mommy, among others. She has also contributed to two books compiled by Emily Long.

Emilia’s Wings
Emilia Madeleine Rose was stillborn in 2017. Her mother Charmel blogs and also runs a local non-profit organization on this site.

Emily Long LCMHC
Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest
Emily Long is a counselor, widow, and bereaved mother of two. She writes about child loss, grief, and mental health, and offers counseling services. She has also written and edited several books.

Erin Caracci
Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest
Erin Caracci’s son Liam was stillborn in 2018. Erin blogs about motherhood, lifestyle, and marriage, and is also the founder of the Liam Caracci Foundation, supporting parents after stillbirth and infant loss.

Facts About Miscarriage
Author Deanna Roy has experienced pregnancy loss multiple times. She created this site to share information and stories about pregnancy and pregnancy loss.

From the Other Chair
Instagram | Facebook
Dr. Michelle Tolfrey is a UK-based Clinical Psychologist and bereaved parent. She writes about “baby loss and the everlasting ripples this has on life, parenting and mental health.”

Heather Del Castillo
Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest
Heather is a certified health coach whose son Miles was stillborn at term in 2019. She blogs about health, wellness, and grief.

HELLP! Surviving My Stillborn
Bee’s son Franklin Lawrence was stillborn in 2020 due to a placental abruption caused by HELLP Syndrome.

Here Comes the Sun
Nora blogs about the loss of her daughter Josie, and life after loss. She has been published in Scary Mommy and Share Magazine.

I am Mother to an Angel
Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | Etsy
Kerin Lee is a bereaved mother who has experienced the loss of multiple pregnancies. She sells custom jewelry, clothing, and other keepsakes to support provision of resources to bereaved families.

It Will Happen
Laura Buckingham is an author and blogger on recurrent miscarriage and life after loss. She is also the co-founder of The Worst Girl Gang Ever, a blog and podcast for miscarriage and baby loss.

Keisha Well, Therapist & Author
Instagram | Facebook
Keisha is a professional counselor and contributing writer at SHARE Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support. She is the author of “From Three Heartbeats to One; A Gentle Companion Offering Hope in Grieving Pregnancy and Infant Loss”.

Kierra Butcher
Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest
Kierra is a photographer, artist, and speaker on miscarriage awareness and support. She hosts guest post stories on her blog, and sells custom portraits, jewelry, clothing, and other mementos on her site.

The Legacy of Leo
Instagram | Facebook
Leo Phoenix was stillborn at 37 weeks, 4 days in 2017. His mother’s blog about stillbirth and life after loss. They also host #babylosshour, weekly on Twitter.

Lindsay Marie Gibson
Instagram | Facebook
Lindsay is a writer and author of “Just Be; How my Stillborn Son Taught me to Surrender” and “Just Be Guide: Steps to Healing Trauma”. She also hosts the “Just Be” podcast.

The Lewis Note
Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest
Rachel Lewis has experienced multiple pregnancy losses. She blogs about child loss, infertility, pregnancy and parenting after loss, and foster care and adoption. Rachel has been published in Pregnancy After Loss Support, Still Standing Magazine, The Today Show, and Upworthy, as well as several other venues.

Lilah Violet, Stillborn, Still Born, Still Loved
Kayla Marie’s daughter Lilah was stillborn at 28 weeks in 2020. Kayla blogs about stillbirth and life after loss.

Lindsey M Henke, The Motherhood Therapist
Instagram | Facebook
Lindsey is a therapist specializing in helping parents through infertility, perinatal loss, and pregnancy after loss. Her work is informed by the personal experience of losing her daughter Nora to stillbirth in 2012. Lindsey is also the founder and Executive Director of Pregnancy After Loss Support (PALS), and has been featured in Still Standing Magazine and Scary Mommy, among many others.

Mabel’s Garden
Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest
Lyndell Maree is a photographer and mother to 3 children. She planted a garden in honor of her daughter Mabel, and also blogs and sells clothing and prints on her site.

Megan Stringfellow
Instagram | Facebook | Etsy
Megan is an artist and parent who has experienced several miscarriages. Her experience with loss informs her art, which she sells on Etsy.

Missing Link and Liam
Instagram | Facebook
Janelle’s firstborn son Lincoln Everett died during childbirth in 2016, and her thirdborn son Liam died from complications of RSV in 2020. She blogs about the experience of living after loss.

Mothering Through Grief
Instagram | Facebook
Maria Strohmeyer’s daughter Blair Elise was stillborn at 32 weeks in 2020. Maria writes about stillbirth, providing factual resources and advocating for stillbirth prevention.

Anjulie has experienced multiple miscarriages, including the loss of her daughter Summer at 19 weeks in 2020. She writes about the full spectrum of the loss and grief experience, and also offers a beautiful section on processing grief.

Natalie Rensi
Natalie’s son Mac Bryson was stillborn in 2012. Natalie is a health coach who blogs about child loss, fitness, and grief.

Orange AF Mama
Beautiful writing on “life, death, love, and lots of orange”.

Poppy Rose
Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest
Sara Millen’s daughter Poppy Rose was stillborn at 28 weeks in 2018. Sara blogs about stillbirth and life after loss.

A Rainbow From Onyx
Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest
Ariel’s son Onyx was born prematurely and passed away in 2018. Ariel blogs about stillbirth and life and loss, and provides a place for other bereaved parents to share guest posts. She has been features in Café Mom, Good Morning America, Momspresso, and Still a Mama, among others.

Rock a Bye Maybe
Alex has experienced multiple pregnancy losses and is currently pursuing surrogacy.

Thoughts on a Life Upended
Trent is a widow and bereaved seahorse parent. His son George died due to premature labor. Trent writes about multiple aspects of life, including child loss and grief.

An Unexpected Family Outing
Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest
Rachel Whalen is one of the most popular bloggers in the child loss community. She’s been published in Scary Mommy, Pregnancy After Loss Support, and Still Standing magazine.

When There Are No Words
Michelle writes about the loss of her twins Stella and Joy, stillbirth, and life after loss.

Wood Nails and Cotton
Instagram | Facebook
Jessica Taylor creates comics and physical art in support of pregnancy and infant loss. She sells art pieces, prints, and her book about miscarriage in her store.

Zoe Clark-Coates
Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest
Zoe has written three books on the experience of child loss and grief. Her website contains links to articles, press releases, and videos of guest appearances.

Blogs & Instagram Accounts about Infant Loss

Amie Lands, Author
Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest
Amie’s daughter Ruthie died 33 days after birth. Amie is a writer and author of several books for bereaved families. She has been published in Still Standing Magazine, and several newspapers

Colours of a Rainbow
Raising awareness of Sepsis and GBS in honor of Violet.

Eva.Lasting Peace
Lori Larson’s daughter Eva died 22 days after birth in 2017. Lori blogs about life and loss, and has been published by Love What Matters.

Frazzled but Still Twinkling
A primary school teacher with a way with words, this blogger lost her son Tristan to a congenital heart defect. She writes today about child loss, life, parenting after loss, and grief.

Ginny Limer
Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest
Ginny’s son Cullin died of SIDS in 2012. Ginny writes about grief and life after loss. She is also the founder of Scared SIDless and cofounder of @healsonwheels.

Hope Blooms
Samantha Gorenstein’s son Reed Elliott died of a neurological injury just days after his birth. Samantha blogs and offers memorial boards and blankets for sale on her site.

Jaron’s Journey | Jaron’s Hope
Instagram | Facebook
Jessica’s son Jaron Isaiah (“Baby J”) died 2 days after birth due to Cornelia de Lange Syndrome. Jessica blogs about grief and life after loss, and shares information about Cornelia de Lange Syndrome.

Katie Jameson
Katie writes about the messiness of life, including child loss, grief, parenting a child with Down Syndrome, and more. She also offers an online store.

Life After Infant Loss
Morgan was born at 28 weeks in 2018 after his parents were in a car accident. He passed away one month later.

Our Little Beastie Blog
Chris and Elizabeth’s son Oberon was diagnosed with health issues in utero, and passed away 33 days after birth. They blog today about grief and life and loss. Elizabeth also makes special Obie blankets and offers a pattern for others to crochet for deceased babies.

Spaces Between You
Instagram | Facebook
Elisha’s son Knox Owen passed away at daycare during his nap. Elisha blogs and also sells clothing and other mementos on her site.

Tiny Peanut
Allana’s son Jack was born at 26 weeks in 2018, and died 19 days after birth. Allana blogs about life after loss, and also sells t-shirts and other garments for bereaved families and families parenting after loss.

Wilde at Heart
Breinne’s son Sterling Wilde was born with a rare metabolic disorder and died 6 days after birth. She blogs about her experience and life after loss.

Blogs & Instagram Accounts about the Death of a Toddler

A Bed for My Heart
Instagram | Facebook
Angela Miller is a bereaved mother and author of You Are the Mother of All Mothers. She blogs and offers grief coaching via Zoom.

I am Here. Motherhood and the Magnitude of Child Loss.
“A spirited story-teller and adventure seeker, Reanna was living the life of her dreams unaware that the bottom was about to drop right out beneath her.” Reanna blogs about life after the loss of her toddler.

Blogs & Instagram Accounts about the Death of an Older Child

Just Playing House
Instagram | Facebook
Emily Graham’s son Cameron died at age 7. She blogs today about child loss, grief, and life after loss. She also offers space for guest posts, and custom t-shirts in her shop.

Katja Faber
Instagram | Facebook
Katja’s son Alex was murdered in 2014. She writes today child loss and grief, and has been featured in Still Standing Magazine.

Mary L Tabor
Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest
Writer Mary Tabor’s son Benjamin died in 2017. Mary blogs about many things, but often about Ben and his death.

Blogs & Online Magazines about Child Loss & Grief

Emi + Company
Instagram | Facebook | Etsy
Beautiful and insightful thoughts on baby loss and life after loss.

Glow in the Woods
Glow in the Woods is a poetic community for bereaved parents. They publish pieces online, and also host a private discussion forum.

I Had a Miscarriage
Real talk on miscarriage, loss, and grief.

The Loss Mama
Instagram | Facebook
Sharing stories and support for bereaved parents.

Main Stream Miscarriage
Thoughts about pregnancy loss and life after loss.

Nothing Gold Can Stay Mamas
An Instagram account featuring weekly loss parent takeovers.

Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest
“Pregnantish is dedicated to helping people dealing with infertility and fertility treatments navigate the emotional, personal, and practical realities of an often overwhelming process.”

Priyanka Saha
Priyanka Saha and William Calvert’s daughter Lily died from an incurable brain syndrome, Miller Dieker Syndrome. Their blog offers space to share stories of children diagnosed with life-limiting conditions and stories of pregnancy and child loss. They also founded The Lily Calvert Foundation which aims to “raise awareness around the importance of pediatric palliative care, and to support those who provide care in this area including through music therapy”.

Still Loved
Instagram | Facebook
“A community focused on amplifying the voices and sharing the stories of parents who’ve experienced pregnancy & infant loss.” Offers a place to submit your own story.

Still Mothers
Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest
Still Mothers is a community and support resource for women who are living a childless life after the death of their only child(ren), including loss at any age.

Still Standing Magazine
Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest
Still Standing Magazine publishes stories of child loss and grief, including loss at any age.

Terminations Remembered
Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest
Resources and information for families faced with the choice of terminating a wanted pregnancy. Offers a space for guest posting, as well as an online store.

Unspoken Grief
Instagram | Facebook
Unspoken Grief offers a forum to speak about miscarriage, stillbirth, and neonatal death. They offer resources and a place to share guest posts and personal stories.

Blogs and Online Magazines about Grief in General

Angela E. Morris
Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest
Ange Morris is a writer and massage therapist. She writes for both the bereaved and those who support them, and she shares quotes on her Instagram account.

The Death Of My…
Instagram | Pinterest
“After someone has died, you might feel alone, confused, stressed- all the emotions. The Death of My is a site to help with grief by providing podcasts where people share their stories, weekly blog posts tackling grief, and resources to help navigate death. This is a space to build community around death so we can all figure it out together. We aren’t professionals and don’t have all the answers, but we believe in normalizing the conversation around death and grief.”

Grief and Grits
Instagram | Facebook
An honest and straightforward look at grief and life after loss with Randi Pearlman Wolfson.

The Grief Case
Instagram | Etsy
Graphics and thoughts about grief, as well as monthly online meet-ups.

The Grief Forest
Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest
Laraine Herring wrote “The Grief Forrest” to explore all aspects of grief. She blogs about grief and loss on her site, and also offers grief coaching.

The Grief Girl
Instagram | Pinterest
Lidia blogs as Grief Girl in honor of her father, but her posts and information are applicable to wide range of griefs. She also shares beautiful images and quotes.

Grief Rites Foundation
Instagram | Facebook
Grief Rites offers stories about grief and a place for story submissions. They also hold periodic storytelling events in Portland, Oregon.

Grieve me Alone
Instagram | Facebook
A blog and online store about all aspects of grief.

Order of the Good Death
Instagram | Facebook
“The Order is about making death a part of your life. That means committing to staring down your death fears- whether it be your own death, the death of those you love, the pain of dying, the afterlife (or lack thereof), grief, corpses, bodily decomposition, or all of the above. Accepting that death itself is natural, but the death anxiety and terror of modern culture are not.”

Say Goodbye and Cry
Hand-drawn black and white images and thoughts about grief.

Sketches from the Cave
Powerful thoughts on grief in comic form.

Speaking Grief
Instagram | Facebook
A project of Penn State University and the New York Life Foundation to stimulate conversation about grief.

Talk Death
Instagram | Facebook
From green burials and home funerals, to history, memento mori art, funeral law, and grief resources, TalkDeath’s mission is to encourage positive and constructive conversations around death and dying. They accept guest submissions, and also offer merchandise for sale in their online store.

What’s Your Grief
Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest
Resources, courses, and a podcast about grief and supporting loved ones through loss. They also sell booklets, cards, and other items in their shop.

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