Miranda Hernandez

Title: Postpartum Body After Loss | overlaid on image of Miranda's belly in Waimea Canyon, Kaua'i (Luna Kai Photography)

Postpartum Body After Loss

There is a lot of discussion in the world about postpartum bodies, but unfortunately very little about postpartum bodies after loss. This is a particular interest of mine, and so I have written about it pretty extensively. I hope the following pieces are of use to you. 

Title: Grief Positivity | overlaid on image of the full moon (Miranda Hernandez)

Grief Positivity

Before my son died, I knew very little about death or grief. Today, I realize grief is both important and necessary. Grief isn’t shameful, or limited, or merely a passage; it simply exists, in whatever form and space it needs. This is grief positivity.

Adrian's Elephant and a flower arrangement from his birthday (Miranda Hernandez)

Adrian’s First Birthday

Although I had a funeral for Adrian, I also wanted to do something special to celebrate his life on what would have been his first birthday. I wanted something not so much focused on grief, but more on his impact; a type of celebration. I had already decided to build this website, and so it seemed natural to have a party and document both its launch and my son’s short but beautiful life.