Special Topics

Special Topics

Title: Thoughts on Natural Birth | overlaid on image of Miranda's maternity photo with Adrian (Modern Lux Photography)

Thoughts on Natural Birth

When I was pregnant with Adrian, I was excited about the prospect of a natural birth. Unfortunately, there were several aspects I was not informed about. These are some things I wish I had known.

Title: Parenting After Loss | overlaid on image of Peanut's hands and Adrian's elephant (Miranda Hernandez)

Parenting After Loss

The beautiful and complicated journey of parenting after loss; loving and caring for both the children who are living, and those who are gone.

Title: Pregnancy After Loss | overlaid on image of Miranda's belly and Adrian's footprints (Two Little Starfish Photography)

Pregnancy After Loss

Pregnancy after loss is a whirlwind of emotions, medical appointments, and complicated grief. This is a collection of posts about the subject.

Title: Grief Olympics or Comparing Grief | overlaid on image of sunset over Lake Tahoe (Miranda Hernandez)

Grief Olympics or Comparing Grief

Comparing grief has never been a useful exercise for me. Your own worst thing is your own worst thing. My tragedy can’t lessen or lessened by anyone else’s experience. I refuse to compare grief or play grief olympics.

Title: Grieving Without God | overlaid on image of Miranda on the California coast (Synch Media)

Grieving Without God

Raised ostensibly Christian, I never found a home in Christianity or any other organized faith. I am grieving without thoughts of religion or a deity.

Title: Guilt, Fault, & Blame | overlaid on image of fountain in San Francisco (Miranda Hernandez)

Guilt, Fault, & Blame After Loss

Guilt, fault, and blame are common feelings after loss, especially after the loss of a child. I think it is important to honor these feelings.

Title: Financial Matters After Loss | overlaid on image of waterlilies (Miranda Hernandez)

Financial Matters After Loss

Something that isn’t often discussed is the financial impact of losing a child. Lawsuits; life insurance; medical bills & funeral costs–it’s all relevant

Title: Postpartum Body After Loss | overlaid on image of Miranda's belly in Waimea Canyon, Kaua'i (Luna Kai Photography)

Postpartum Body After Loss

There is a lot of discussion in the world about postpartum bodies, but unfortunately very little about postpartum bodies after loss. This is a particular interest of mine, and so I have written about it pretty extensively. I hope the following pieces are of use to you. 

Title: Mental Health After Loss | overlaid on image of Miranda and Adrian's elephant on the California coast (Synch Media)

Mental Health After Loss

The loss of a child can impact your mental health in various ways. These are some thoughts on my personal experience after loss.

Title: People & Relationships | overlaid on image of bench in Winnipeg, British Columbia (Miranda Hernandez)

People & Relationships After Loss

Loss and grief have unfortunate secondary effects on most of the relationships in our lives, both old and new. Grief may test and change older relationships, and people may go separate ways. Grief may also help to build new relationships with other bereaved who understand.

Title: Death Positivity | overlaid on image of sunset over Kaua'i, Hawai'i (Miranda Hernandez)

Death Positivity

Death Positivity – /deTH ˌpäzəˈtivədē/ noun. Recognition that death is a natural part of and the ultimate end to all life. Let’s talk about it.

Title: Grief Positivity | overlaid on image of the full moon (Miranda Hernandez)

Grief Positivity

Before my son died, I knew very little about death or grief. Today, I realize grief is both important and necessary. Grief isn’t shameful, or limited, or merely a passage; it simply exists, in whatever form and space it needs. This is grief positivity.

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