Sunset over Koloa, Kaua'i, Hawai'i (Miranda Hernandez)
Sunset over Koloa, Kaua'i, Hawai'i (Miranda Hernandez)

Professional Charities & Organizations Supporting Bereaved Families

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There are many professional organizations committed to pregnancy education, preventing pregnancy loss, and supporting families after loss.

4Luna’s Heart Inc.
Non-profit organization founded in honor of Luna who passed away from a rare congenital heart defect. They gift beautiful custom artwork to bereaved families and sell items to help support their efforts.

Angel Names Association
New York-based 501(c)3 charity providing financial assistance for end-of-life expenses. Angel Names also contributes to stillbirth research

The Angel Pics Project
Project offered by Hollywood FotoFix Digital Studios to retouch photos of stillborn children

Babies Remembered
Providing support to families, caregivers, and professionals after the loss of a child. Babies remembered also publishes e-magazines and sells books

Caring Cradle
Caring Cradles are portable cooling bassinets that allow parents to spend more time with their deceased children

Carmen’s Miracle Makers
Created in honor of Carmen Grace Hatcher who lived in the PICU for 194 days, Carmen’s Miracle Makers provides gift boxes and professional holiday photos in INOVA Children’s Hospital. They also sell books about Carmen’s life and legacy to support their cause

Carson’s Village
Carson’s Village provides personalized support after the loss of a loved one, including helping families with arrangements, and even with what to say on social media.

Center for Loss in Multiple Birth (CLIMB), Inc.
International organization supporting families experiencing the loss of one or more children from a multiple pregnancy.

Cherished Gowns UK
Cherished Gowns is a registered charity, recycling wedding dresses into outfits for stillborn children. Outfits are provided throughout the United Kingdom.

The Comfort Cub
The Comfort Cub was founded to provide weighted teddy bears to those who have experienced loss. They donate bears to all bereaved parents, and offer bears for purchase to give as gifts. Cubs are free for all bereaved parents, but if you would like to purchase a cub for a friend, use the code “Adrian10” for a 10% discount.

The Compassionate Friends
Resources and support after the loss of a child at any age. Offers books and brochures for sale. Hosts local support groups, and publishes an online magazine. Donations are tax-deductible.

Cuddling Angels
501(c)3 organization providing financial assistance in purchasing burial markers/urns up to the age of five

Cuddle Cot
Flexmort designs and manufactures mobile mortuary cooling systems and accessories. Cuddle Cots are used in hospitals and funeral homes to allow parents to spend more time with their deceased children.

Elf Army of Light
501(c)3 charity providing non-faith-based grief support and education for providers and support persons.

Eve’s Victory
Eve’s Victory is a Florida-based, registered 501(c)3 charity, providing care packages to support families after the loss of a child. They also sell cards, clothing, and jewelry to support their efforts.

Faith’s Lodge
Faith’s Lodge was founded in honor of Faith Ann Lacek, who was stillborn in 2000. The facility hosts discounted weekend retreats for bereaved families on a rotating schedule.

Fetal Health Foundation
501(c)(3) non-profit charity that provides factual medical information on fetal syndromes, and support to families after diagnosis and after loss.

First Candle
Connecticut-based 501(c)3 charity working to end SIDS and sleep-related deaths and to provide support after loss.

Friends of Serenity
Registered charity providing information about Trisomy 13 and supporting families after loss.

Forever Footprints
Supports the pregnancy and infant loss community through support, education and remembrance. Hosts an annual remembrance walk.

Gathering Hope
Gathering Hope is a Texas-based, 501(c)3 organization supporting families after loss. They host an annual event in October, and share stories from bereaved families.

The Glimmer Project`
Ashleigh Smith is a medical doctor who created a 3-week program for bereaved mothers. She also hosts the Glimmer Podcast, on how to manage grief after pregnancy loss or infant loss.

Grief Toolbox
Resources and support for life after loss. Grief Toolbox also offers shareable graphics, a support group locator, and a store selling mementos, books, and DVDs

A Heartbreaking Choice
Support for those who have terminated a much wanted pregnancy

Holden’s Milky Way
Holden Hausfeld was still stillborn in 2019. Holden’s parents Taylor and Ryan Hausfeld created Holden’s Milk Way to connect breast milk donors and recipients, and assist with the cost of pumping and transportation. They also sell t-shirts, stickers, and coolers in their store

HUG Podcast Network
Resources and support for families experiencing a congenital heart defect diagnosis.

International Birth Defects Information System (I.B.I.S.)
Information to support parents during pre-pregnancy planning and during pregnancy

International Stillbirth Alliance
ISA’s mission is “to raise awareness and promote global collaboration for the prevention of stillbirth and newborn death and provision of appropriate respectful care for all those affected.” They offer resources for prevention and after loss, and offer ways for bereaved families to share their stories.

Judah’s Cloud
Judah’s Cloud was created in honor of Baby Judah, stillborn in 2017. The organization provides casting services and clothing packages for premature stillborn babies.

Liam Lives Foundation
Faith-based, Florida-based organization providing counseling and support to bereaved families.

Little Things and Co
Little Things is a UK-based charity offering practical and emotional support after the loss of a child. They provide baby clothing, support group meetings, a memorial garden, and literature.

The Lucky Anchor Project
The Lucky Anchor Project exists to provide resources for and a forum to share guest posts from bereaved families. They sell ornaments, clothing, and coffee cups in their Etsy shop, and use the proceeds to donate Comfort Cubs to hospitals, and also to donate to other charitable organizations.

March of Dimes
March of Dimes supports research and provides resources for families of NICU babies

Mariposa Trust
The Mariposa Trust was founded by Zoe Coates-Clark to provide “services and support for anyone affected by baby loss at any stage of pregnancy, at birth or in infancy (whether recent or historic), infertility, pregnancy after loss, and more”. The charity is divided into 6 divisions: Saying Goodbye, supporting families after the loss of a child; Growing You, providing support for pregnancy after loss; Holding Hope, providing support for infertility; Waiting for You, supporting those awaiting adoption; Love in Every Tear, supporting those who support others; and So Cherished, supporting families after receipt of a terminal diagnosis

A Memory Grows
Texas-based 501(c)3 charity offering support to families after loss and resources to hospitals, clinics, hospice groups, churches and other nonprofit organizations. They also host a periodic retreat for bereaved parents

Mera’s Mission Incorporated
Registered 501(c)3 charity supporting parents after loss

M.E.N.D. (Mommies Enduring Neonatal Death) – Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Loss Support
Christian, non-profit organization supporting families after the loss of a child. MEND publishes a bimonthly magazine and hosts ceremonies and support groups

MISS Foundation
501(c)3 organization providing C.A.R.E.S. [counseling, advocacy, research, education and support] services to families experiencing the death of a child

Missing GRACE Foundation
Minnesota-based charity offering resources and support for bereaved families nation-wide. They also sponsor events and offer education for medical professionals

National Alliance for Grieving Children
NAGC provides education and resources to address childhood bereavement

Nolan’s Legacy
Jenn is a lactation specialist and mother to five, including her stillborn son Nolan. She offers resources to assist bereaved mothers with pumping to donate after loss. She also facilitates the Facebook group, Bereavement Pumping – Pumping after the loss of a baby

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
NILMDTS connects parents with professional photographers to provide free remembrance photography in the event of a terminal pregnancy or pregnancy loss

Preeclampsia Foundation
Florida-based organization providing information for prenatal education, provider education, and support to research into preventing preeclampsia

Pregnancy After Loss Support
501(c)(3) non-profit supporting families during pregnancy after loss. PALS hosts multiple Facebook groups and offers an online magazine

Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Alliance (PLIDA)
PLIDA provides education, advocacy, and networking for health professionals and parent advocates. Their goals is to formal network and a unified international presence to increase awareness and education focused on the emotional experiences and needs of bereaved families

Project Sweet Peas
501(c)3 organization providing care packages, events, peer-to-peer support, financial aid, and educational materials in support of NICU families and after the loss of a child

RESOLVE – The National Infertility Association
RESOLVE is a 501(c)3, national patient advocacy organization. They provide education and support for infertility across a broad spectrum of categories

Rowan Tree Foundation
Colorado-based 501(c)3 nonprofit providing resources and support after the loss of a child. Hosts two annual events

SANDS Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Charity
UK-based SANDS provides bereavement support and also advocates for better research into pregnancy and stillbirth prevention

Scared SIDless
Scared SIDless supports bereaved families after the loss of a child at any age, with a special focus on siblings. Camp Cullin is an annual retreat for siblings of loss and their families. Scared SIDless sells art, books, and jewelry in their shop

Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support
Share provides resources for families after pregnancy loss or infant loss. They also offer events and an online magazine

Sidelines – High Risk Pregnancy Support
Support for parents experiencing a high-risk pregnancy

New York-based organization supporting families experiencing a diagnosis of Trisomy 13 or 18. SOFT supports families is all decisions made after diagnosis. SOFT also provides resources for medical professionals and support after loss

Star Legacy Foundation
Minnesota-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to reducing pregnancy loss and neonatal death and improving care for families who experience such tragedies. Star Legacy partners with several organizations to support research and provide resources during pregnancy and after loss

Still Birth Day
Still Birth Day provides an abundance of information on every stage of loss. They also host stories, and offer a discounted course for bereavement doulas

The Sweet Pea Project
The Sweet Pea Project is a Pennsylvania-based 501(c)3 charity offering support to bereaved families after the loss of a child. Support includes donation of books and blankets, and events for bereaved families

Team Mercy
Founded in honor of Mercy Elizabeth, Team Mercy is a Texas-based 501c3 non-profit foundation providing connections to resources for families facing the death of a child. They provide grief packages, activity grants, and other resources for bereaved siblings

The TEARS Foundation
501(c)3 non-profit organization which seeks to compassionately assist bereaved families whose child has died

Tommy’s funds “research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth, and provide pregnancy health information to parents.” Tommy’s offers a pregnancy hub for expecting families, and advocated for stillbirth prevention

Trisomy 18 Foundation
Virginia-based 501(C)3 nonprofit providing resources and support for families experiencing a Trisomy 18 pregnancy, as well as education, research and advocacy for prevention

The Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome Foundation
Ohio-based, faith-based organization providing resources and support during pregnancy and after loss

The Resources Blog exists to share FREE resources I didn’t have available to me after Adrian’s Death.
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