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Pregnancy & Parenting After Loss


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"But you have a beautiful daughter now." Rewritten: I'm sorry for your loss.

“But You Have a Beautiful Daughter Now”

People often point to living children as a reason for bereaved parents not to grieve. This is of course ridiculous. ALL children are precious. ALL children will be mourned. Living children do not make up for previous loss.

I have these moments sometimes with my living child. Moments where I wonder if I am enough for her, trying so hard and simultaneously dying inside.

Can I be enough for my living child while I’m dying inside?

I have 2 children: 1 living, and 1 living in an urn. It’s a hard way to parent, & I’m still doing it.⁠ I have moments, though, where I wonder if I am enough for her. Will she understand when she’s older? Will she understand what it means to have a deceased brother?⁠ Will she ever resent him or me?

Notes for the Support Team - Children. Aren't. Replaceable. Please consider the impact of your words before you talk about things like subsequent children or adoption. -Miranda Hernandez, Adrian's Mother

Children Aren’t Replaceable

Children are not replaceable. I know you probably don’t think they are…⁠
(DO you?)⁠⁠
I know you probably don’t think you can grab one baby out of a parent’s arms and then give them a different one with no consequence.⁠ (You DON’T think that, right?)⁠
But this is what we are sometimes hearing.⁠⁠

There is no "just" about the process of adoption

There is no “just” about the process of adoption

Adoption is often held up as the “solution” to the “problems” of both child loss and grief. This is an unfortunate misunderstanding and oversimplification. Adoption is a beautiful thing. It is not, however, easy or automatic, or guaranteed. There is definitely no “just” about the process.

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