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Another set of beautiful and also emotional days. Visiting friends, old and new scenery, and the first steps towards a new project I’ve been excited to launch (coming very soon!) And somehow in the midst of all of this, I managed to both lose my wallet and experience a minor airport mishap that required me to buy a new carseat. This carseat and the matching stroller were both Adrian’s. They were two of the few things that felt “okay” to use for his sister. And when the airport couldn’t locate the carseat in checked baggage when we landed, I felt a surprising tug of pain. These were his things! I have so few of them. A very nice representative was able to trace the baggage system and retrieve the seat tucked inside the carry case. Unfortunately, it had fallen off the conveyor belt and was no longer safe to use. I ordered a new one that arrived yesterday. Somehow it still feels better to have this one back with me. These were his things. Goddess, how I miss him. #stillbirth #childloss #parentingafterloss #grief

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