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This page contains a collection of downloadable graphics for informed pregnancy. All graphics available in multiple colors and sizes; click individual entries to view.

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informed pregnancy graphics babies come when they're ready

“Babies come when they’re ready” (3 versions)

When I was pregnant for the first time, I heard that babies come when they’re ready, and so I allowed my pregnancy to go overdue. I wish I had known this wasn’t always true

Dear Prenatal Provider Informed Pregnancy Downloadable Graphics

Dear Prenatal Provider

When I was pregnant for the first time, I had no idea stillbirth was a realistic possibility; certainly not something that happened in 1 out of 160 pregnancies. Please educate your patients on the stats, risks, and warning signs. We deserve this information.

I constantly wish someone had told me stillbirth was SO VERY COMMON.

I Wish Someone Had Told Me Stillbirth Was So Common

I was educated & open to new information, & I thought I knew everything…And then the nightmare that is stillbirth rose up & broke me. Despite my curiosity, I was hit by the fact that NO ONE in my world had thought to tell me that stillbirth was SO VERY COMMON. 1 in 160. It’s a freaking emergency.


My Experience Going Overdue in Pregnancy (Brochure)

I chose to go overdue in my first pregnancy, believing labor was best when it happened naturally. These printable brochures talk about my experience.

What is safe is not always natural & What is natural is not always safe.

Natural VS. Safe

We hear a lot about the power of nature and avoiding things that are heavily processed to keep ourselves safe. I think it is important to remember: What is safe is not always natural & What is natural is not always safe.


Stillbirth is NOT “Rare”

At current rates of 1 in 160 pregnancies, stillbirth is NOT rare. The fact is, you already personally know at least one person in your life who has experienced stillbirth. You likely know many.⁠

Graphics for Child Loss & Grief survivors bias

Survivor’s Bias

Survivor’s bias is a logical fallacy that equates the experience of those who survived an experience with “proof” that such an experience is safe.

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