full term stillbirth

Title: Adrian's Chronological Story: Adrian's First Birthday | overlaid on image of Adrian's elephant with flowers at his birthday (Miranda Hernandez)

Adrian’s First Birthday

Although I had a funeral for Adrian, I also wanted to do something special to celebrate his life on what would have been his first birthday. I wanted something not so much focused on grief, but more on his impact; a type of celebration. I had already decided to build this website, and so it seemed natural to have a party and document both its launch and my son’s short but beautiful life.

Title: Letters to Adrian; Read letters from a mother to her stillborn child | overlaid on an image of Miranda on the California coast (Synch Media)

Letters to Adrian

I wrote letters to my son throughout my pregnancy. When he died, I continued to write. It had become a habit. I wonder sometimes if I write for him or for me. I think the answer is — yes. Letters to Adrian are lightly edited for clarity and mechanics, and to protect privacy. They are otherwise presented exactly as written.

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