Friends of Adrian

Friends of Adrian

Mother Lotta, Father, and baby Louna in the hospital after birth. Father is holding Louna is his arms, while Lotta sits next to him on the hospital bed. (photo contributed by Lotta)

Louna’s Story

Lotta and her husband were happily planning a life for their coming child, Louna, and then she was unexpectedly stillborn at term. This is Louna’s story.

Toy bunny sitting in baby safety seat (Pixelshot)

Take Home Baby

I cradled her head delicately, supporting her, and felt pride in her heft, her fully developed form, this tiny human we had created together. “Is this what being a father feels like?” Then I placed her tenderly in the hospital cart, and watched as the nurse dutifully rolled her away.

Image of Vivian's mascara left on a tissue

Edward Alexander’s Story

Babies die. My baby died. It’s a fact. It’s a shallow, it’s a hole, it’s a void, I live with every single breath of my existence. Let me tell you about the cute onesie I had picked out for him. Let me tell you how precious and cute he was. How he looked like a little old man…

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