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Safe Pregnancy Blog for Stillbirth Prevention

Information provided on this Safe Pregnancy page is based on published medical studies and evidence-based guidance. However, please understand I am not a physician or medical practitioner of any kind, and I cannot diagnose you or your particular situation. Should you have questions about the information presented here, it is best to discuss with your medical provider.

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“Stillbirth,” “Stillborn,” & Other Definitions

There has been some confusion over the terms “stillbirth,” “stillborn,” and other terms like “intrauterine fetal demise.” This post explains the differences.

Title: Going Overdue in Pregnancy; A Case Study | overlaid on image of sundial in Victoria, British Columbia

Going Overdue in Pregnancy; a Case Study

Going overdue in pregnancy is common. The average first-time mom goes into labor naturally at 41 weeks, 1 day. Following the publication of the results of the ARRIVE study, there has been talk recently about recommended induction at 39 weeks. Some are cautiously for this proposal. Some are not. This is one case study about Read more

8 Factors to Consider Before you go Overdue in Pregnancy:

8 Factors to Consider Before You Go Overdue in Pregnancy

The choice to be induced at the end of pregnancy or to use expectant management and wait for labor to start on its own is a complicated one. These are eight factors that should be considered in order to make an informed decision.

Title: Best Practices for Safest Pregnancy | overlaid on image of street art in San Francisco (Miranda Hernandez)

Best Practices for Safest Pregnancy

A collection of five recommendations from the top organizations in prenatal care and stillbirth prevention: ACOG, CDC, and more.

Title: Requests of a Bereaved Mother for all Prenatal Providers | overlaid on image of pregnancy and infant care books.

Requests of a Bereaved Mother for All Prenatal Providers

After my son died at the end of a term pregnancy in 2017, I created this list of things I would like to see done differently in prenatal care, both before & after loss. These are things that would have made a difference in my pregnancy. These things might have kept my son alive.

Title: Stillbirth & Statistics; What Does it Mean to be "Rare"?

Stillbirth & Statistics: What Does it Mean to be “Rare”?

I think the problem with using words like “rare” in place of actual numbers is that it’s a description that renders those numbers abstract. Our brains are so unused to thinking about statistical concepts that we classify these things as either likely, e.g. I’m likely to have a flat tire at some point in my life; or practically impossible, e.g. I will never win the lottery. But we do a really poor job of thinking about all of the possibilities that lie in between.

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