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Sea Glass Parenting Baby Loss Remembrance sticker: "Our nest feels emptier without you here" in the corner of a silver laptop on a pink table

Our nest feels emptier without you here—Baby Loss Remembrance (sticker)

When we are expecting a new child to join our home, we often ‘nest’, preparing a nursery and filling it with symbols of our hopes and love for our newest addition.

When that child then dies, that nest feels far emptier than before. This baby loss remembrance sticker documents the absence.

Mother holding a molly bear in a bedroom. The mother is wearing a loose white patterned kimono is snuggling into the bear with eyes closed. The bear is tan, with lighter cream markings. (Liz Morales Photography)

Here’s to the ‘Tog who Understands—

Here’s to the ‘tog who understands—She may be a mother, Or “just” a friend. She puts on the camera, and doesn’t ask questions. She knows all the symbols, and she respects them…Thank you to every photographer who understands the value of symbols of our lost children. You are appreciated.

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