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A Message for Expecting Parents—

Disclaimer: please understand I am not a physician or medical practitioner of any kind. Information contained herein is a summary or direct quotation of information provided by reputable medical sources. Should you have questions about information presented here, it is best to discuss with your medical provider.


Dear Parents,

Pregnancy is a complicated time. You are inundated with information, often conflicting, and you don’t always know what to believe. I am not a medical provider, but since the death of my son, I have made a point of becoming more informed on the risks and recommended best practices for pregnancy.

Because there is so much information, I have distilled what I can into the posts below, and provided links to reputable sources for additional details. If you are ever concerned about your health or the health of your child, please contact your medical provider to discuss.

-Miranda; Adrian’s Mother

Resources for Informed Pregnancy and Stillbirth Prevention

Things to Read

Planned Articles:

Risk Factors in Pregnancy (planned article)
Warning Signs of Potential Problems (planned article)
Common Myths in Pregnancy (planned article)
Should I/When Should I Have an Amniocentesis or CVS? (planned article)
Risk Management and Informed Consent (planned article)
The Importance of Fetal Movement Tracking (planned article)
When Should You be Induced? (planned article)
How a Doula and Birth Plan can help you have a Safer Pregnancy and Delivery…And conversely, how they can’t (planned article)

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