The Story of Sea Glass Writing

I have been writing most of my life. I have an undergraduate degree in Literature and Writing from UC San Diego, and I have piles of unfinished projects I’ve always intended to organize and publish. After Adrian died, I found a purpose in writing that I don’t think I really felt before. On Adrian’s first birthday, I set up this website in his honor, and over the two years since then, I have added more pieces and made connections with other parents in loss.
This writing course is my latest project. It is loosely modeled off of a course I took with Megan Devine in 2018, but with a specific focus on pregnancy and infant loss (PAIL). I hope that by offering this course and these PAIL-focused prompts, to be able to allow other parents to more fully explore their own loss, love, and grief, and to realize that regardless of circumstances or beliefs, none of us are truly alone.
I’m glad you’re here,
Miranda Hernandez; Adrian’s Mother

Details about the Sea Glass Writing Course

General Description

Sea Glass Writing is a 26-day course, open to all bereaved parents, but with a specific focus on pregnancy and infant loss (PAIL). Participants will receive a writing prompt in the early morning, Monday through Friday, and will have the option to share their response to that prompt in a private Facebook group. Participants will also receive an optional weekend activity.

The group will utilize a unique type of workshopping technique, focused on responding to the emotions evoked by a piece instead of critiquing style or technique. This will allow parents to more fully explore their thoughts and experiences without worry for the mechanics of writing. In my opinion, it’s always better to draft from the heart and edit later.

Because participants will receive prompts nearly daily, it may be difficult to keep up with the pace, but no one is required to answer every prompt every day. Participants can share their responses on the same day they are written, or up to one month after the conclusion of the course. 

Dates and Cost

A beta version of the Sea Glass Writing course will run from 5-30 October 2020. Participants in this course are testing out the prompts, and providing feedback on any needed changes. 

The first official course will launch in January 2021, for a nominal fee. Interested in participating? Contact me.


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