Philosophy of Sea Glass Parenting

Sea glass is formed when bottles shatter, spilling sharp edges into the waves. Tumbled by water and friction and time, some shards become smooth while some retain their sharp edges. Some will come to rest in familiar places, and some will wash up on foreign shores. Some will retain much of their original form, and some will be transformed entirely. 

All of them are beautiful, exactly as they are.

Like sea glass, we have been broken and tumbled by time. Although our experiences differ, we are united in our love for our children and in our unique expressions of grief. We are broken and mended; smooth and sharp. We are grieving and we are love. We are Sea Glass Parents.

Sea Glass Parenting is a different type of grief support. We meet you wherever you are in your grief, and we acknowledge and honor your experience.

We are grief-positive and death-positive. We use words like, “dead,” “death,” and “deceased.” We support without platitudes; without comparisons, bright-siding, or “should’s”; and with absolutely NO unsolicited advice.

Parenting is hard. Parenting a child after their death is unimaginable…until you’re doing it. We are your companions on whatever journey you choose.

Sea Glass Parenting — Parenting in & through Loss


Sea Glass Parenting on Facebook

The Sea Glass Parenting Facebook group was formed to provide a forum to share thoughts, feelings, and experiences as a group. The rules are a little different than other groups, but designed to provide the most freedom for sharing and expression.

If Sea Glass Parenting doesn’t appeal to you at this time, please take a look at this list of Facebook groups that may better serve your needs.

Sea Glass Apparel

Shop for apparel and accessories as a Sea Glass Parent: Adrian’s Elephant Store on Spreadshirt; Supporting Bereaved Parents across the full Spectrum of Love & Grief

All items in the store are customizable, and new designs are added regularly. Please contact me if you are looking for a specific item or design.

Adrian James Hernandez is not currently classified as a 501(c)3, but all proceeds from sales on Adrian’s Elephant go to support the Adrian James Hernandez mission of stillbirth prevention & support after loss.

Sea Glass Writing

The Sea Glass Writing Course is a place for bereaved parents to come together and share, united by love and grief for our children. You don’t have to be a writer to participate; just be open to exploring your feelings.

A beta version of the course will run from 5-30 October 2020, testing out the prompts, and providing feedback on the course.

The first official course will launch in January 2021. Interested in participating? Contact me.

Sea Glass Photography Project

The Sea Glass Photography Project is a means of documenting the beauty in the Broken; the Life both during and after loss.

The project is currently on hiatus due to Quarantine, but we look forward to continuing when possible.

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