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Adrian James Hernandez is the planned and wanted child of Single Mother by Choice (SMC) Miranda Hernandez. Adrian died at the end of a full term pregnancy due to complications from undiagnosed preeclampsia.

Miranda Hernandez is a writer and mother to Adrian and his younger sister, nicknamed “Peanut”. Miranda holds a degree in Literature and Writing from the University of California at San Diego. She is grief positive, death positive, and believes in mutual respect amongst all religious, spiritual, and cultural traditions. She is neutral on all other issues.

About AdrianJamesHernandez.com

AdrianJamesHernandez.com exists to share the story of Adrian and Miranda, and also to provide resources on stillbirth, grief, safe pregnancy, and parenting after loss.

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Information contained in this website is intended for personal informational use only, and is not intended to serve as professional medical or legal advice.

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All written content contained on this website is Copyright © E. Miranda Hernandez, 2016-2020, Some Rights Reserved.

The AdrianJamesHernandez.com logo is derived from custom artwork created by Giovanna DiZurita and is used with full permission. The painting photographed as the feature image for 29 June 2017 is custom artwork created by Katy Martin and is used with full permission.

Other photographic and image content is used with permission where indicated.  All remaining photographic content is Copyright © E. Miranda Hernandez, 2016-2019, All Rights Reserved.

Information posted herein is shareable using the sharing buttons enabled on the site. Please contact Miranda Hernandez to discuss sharing of information in other formats.

Full Terms and Conditions, including our privacy policy, are listed here.

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Adrianjameshernandez.com is and always will remain free to all users. If you find this content useful and are moved to make a donation, please consider donating to a charity that makes you smile, or see the paragraph below for donation information. Some of the charities we’ve donated to in Adrian’s name are listed here.

AdrianJamesHernandez.com is not a 501c3 organization, and so I do not actively solicit donations. However, I do fund this website and resource distribution out of pocket. If you are moved to donate, I am on PayPal.me/adrianjameshernandez or on Venmo @emirandahernandez. All funds received will go to continue the AdrianJamesHernandez.com mission of educating about stillbirth and stillbirth prevention.

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