Title: Friends of Adrian | overlaid on image of clouds in Florida (Miranda Hernandez)
(Miranda Hernandez)

One of the women in my first support group has a theory–she believes that when we meet and connect here on Earth, our children meet and become friends in Heaven. I don’t know for certain what I believe about death or the afterlife, but I like the idea of Adrian having friends.⁠

This page is a compilation of guest posts from other loss parents in my world. If you are interested in contributing, please contact me.

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Image of Vivian's mascara left on a tissue

Friends of Adrian: Edward Alexander

Cry with me. Laugh with me. Tell me your favorite memory of me being pregnant. Tell me about your baby, and how he/she moves and grows or was born and keeps you up all night. Babies die. My baby died. It’s a fact. It’s a shallow, it’s a hole, it’s a void, I live with every single breath of my existence. Let me tell you about the cute onesie I had picked out for him. Let me tell you how precious and cute he was. How he looked like a little old man because he hadn’t fattened up yet. Let me tell you about his perfect little hook nose, and his head of hair.


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