Welcome to Sea Glass Writing Course #002

Welcome to Sea Glass Writing Course #002. The course runs from Monday, 8 August through Friday, 2 September, 2022.

During the course, you will receive writing prompts in your email early in the morning Monday through Friday. Friday’s emails will also contain instructions for an optional activity to complete over the weekend. Responses to each prompt may be posted in the course Facebook group, sent to me by email, posted on your own social media account or blog, or simply kept your private—it is up to you.

Our course has a private Facebook group for sharing responses to prompts and anything else you wish to discuss prior to and during the course. Come join us here at https://www.facebook.com/groups/seaglasswriting002/. Please also take a look at the rules listed in the Facebook group; we will be using these rules to ensure a safe and respectful space for our fellow writers and parents.

Writing is hard, and writing about your deceased child(ren) may be especially so. Please know that this course is a safe space for you to share anything you want to—darkness, light, love, and the full spectrum of feelings in between. As with all other parts of the Sea Glass Parenting family, your responses will be met without judgement, without platitudes, and with absolutely NO unsolicited advice.

IMPORTANT: To ensure you receive your daily prompts, please email me at [email protected] with your preferred email address. You will receive a welcome email shortly afterwards.

I look forward to writing with all of you,

Miranda Hernandez,
Sea Glass Parent and Adrian’s Mother

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