Informed Pregnancy & Stillbirth Prevention

Title: Informed Pregnancy & Stillbirth Prevention | overlaid on image of Miranda in New Zealand (Two Little Starfish Photography)
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Pieces of interest regarding warning signs of Adrian’s death, informed pregnancy, and prevention of stillbirth for others.

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A Letter to the Woman who Wants the “Perfect Birth”

I don’t write this to scare you. I’ve been following your journey for the past several months. You remind me so very much of me; the old me. And this is why I write to you.

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Why I Track Fetal Movement Religiously with my Second Pregnancy

I don’t write this to be condescending. I write this because I unfortunately know. I know what it’s like to think everything’s okay, and then have your entire world fall apart. I will always wish someone had said these things to me. I will always wish someone had thought I should know.

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Warning Signs of Adrian’s stillbirth

I have heard some people say that stillbirth isn’t preventable. And that’s a hard subject for me, because while some deaths just happen, Adrian’s didn’t have to. There were warning signs, and while they were minor, they shouldn’t have been dismissed.

Literature about tracking fetal movements (Miranda Hernandez)


Dropped off a thank you gift at the hospital today, included some @kickscount literature and pens. Forever spreading the word that #movementsmatter.

Title: Requests of a Bereaved Mother for all Prenatal Providers | overlaid on image of pregnancy and infant care books.

Requests of a Bereaved Mother for All Prenatal Providers

After my son died at the end of a term pregnancy in 2017, I created this list of things I would like to see done differently in prenatal care, both before & after loss. These are things that would have made a difference in my pregnancy. These things might have kept my son alive.

Books on Pregnancy and Baby Education. These books are frustrating because they don't mention the risks and warning signs of stillbirth (Miranda Hernandez)

Requests of a bereaved mother for all prenatal providers

If a patient is at particular risk for stillbirth or other difficult outcome, ensure they understand what that means. Do not reassure them that “everything will be fine”, especially when higher risk exists. DO discuss specific risks, & actions they can take to be on guard and/or mitigate them

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Best Practices for Safest Pregnancy

Starting between 24-28 weeks, become familiar with your baby’s individual pattern of movement. Do not compare your baby to other babies or other pregnancies. Report noticeably higher or lower patterns of movement to your provider. Always go to your provider’s office or L&D if you notice a significant change in pattern in movement. DO NOT rely on home dopplers for reassurance that your baby is okay.

Safe pregnancy booth providing resources on safe and informed pregnancy and stillbirth prevention

Preventing Stillbirth starts with Outreach

Since I first starting researching safe pregnancy practices following Adrian’s death, I have wanted to put together a road show to share this information with the world. Today I ran my first booth at the Monterey Birth and Baby Fair.

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There is a subconscious, and in some places, even overt “war” going on between midwives and physicians, and it really needs to stop. I truly believe if either set of my providers had swallowed their pride and explained that sometimes, neither nature nor medicine are completely perfect, then my son would be alive today.

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Survivor’s Bias

Now imagine I took this example of reckless behavior and used it to justify drinking and driving? Imagine I said that because I did it and I was fine, then of course it must be okay for others to try. This is called survivor’s bias.

8 Factors to Consider Before you go Overdue in Pregnancy:

8 Factors to Consider Before you go Overdue in Pregnancy

The choice to be induced at the end of pregnancy or to use expectant management and wait for labor to start on its own is a complicated one. These are eight factors that should be considered in order to make an informed decision.


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