Resources for Bereaved Parents

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Dear Parent,

Early in the days of my loss, I often googled different forms of “how to cope” and “what now?” More than two years out from Adrian’s death, I am finally feeling ready to share, from one parent to another, some of the things that have helped me.

Loss is individual. Grief is unique. Please take what you find useful here, and discard all the rest.

I’m so sorry you’re here.


Helpful Links
Facebook and other Groups for Support (planned article)
Your Experience After Loss (planned article)
Planning a Funeral for Your Infant Child & companion post with examples of funeral documents and eulogies
Finding a Therapist (planned article)
Journal prompts (planned article)
Ways to Honor Your Child

Resources Blog, covering a variety of Resources After Child Loss

Miranda’s Blog, covering all things stillbirth, child loss, mental health, and grief

Graphics Blog for Child Loss & Grief | Graphics Blog for Grieving Without God

Adrian’s Mother on Pinterest

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