On Sunlight and Strength

Sunlight and Strength - Wildflowers and Adrian's Elephant
Wildflowers and Adrian’s Elephant (Miranda Hernandez)

I am a weed. They say I am strong, but I do not aim to be so. I don’t aim to be anything. I’m just here.

Sunlight and Strength

My roots are tenacious. They cling to the soil, dig deep. Something in my backbone doesn’t want to die. I don’t think about it, it’s just ingrained in me.

Some weeds have flowers. I have my moments too. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I have good days. On those days, my flowers bloom. They turn towards the sun, and people say, “Wow, how beautiful for a weed.” Some days my flowers are gone, ripped off my stalk like so much trash. I am, after all, just a weed.

I keep growing.  My roots are deep. Without direction, my backbone fights to find the light.

They don’t tell me I’m strong like this is a gift. My strength can be a curse, to them and to me. Sometimes I don’t want to find the sun. Sometimes, I would rather lie down and sleep. I envy those hot house plants, the Fragile ones, the ones that fall apart under any adversity. On those days, my strength is a weakness. On those days, I curse that I live.

They tell me I’m strong, but I am just a weed. Strength is nothing to me.

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